Jun 272012

2007 Phantom Blue Rx8

I have always been into cars since an young boy and for the past 2 years I have been the proud owner of a 2007 Phantom Blue Rx8.  It is my daily driver used by both myself and my wife and currently does about 15 miles per day on the commute to work. My Rx8 is also my weekend track car I am a massive Autocross fan and do about 20 Autocross events per year.  I started autocrossing a couple of years ago, I bought the car and really wanted to experience how good it was at handling so I went down to the local club to try it out and have been going regularly ever since.

My Modified Mazda Rx8

I really enjoy modifying my car, mainly for the purpose of making if faster on the track but I have also installed a body kit which you can see in this video, the clip was made just after I had the kit installed.  I really love how the car looks I think it is aggressive without looking too overstated.  I will tell you more about some of the other mods in future posts.

 Mazda Rx8 as a daily driver

The Mazda Rx8 is great as a daily driver in all aspect apart from fuel economy.  I really enjoy driving my car around town it is fun to drive and corners like it is on rails.  The seats are bucket seats straight from the factory and hug you keeping you planted whilst you take corners at high speed.  Although the Rx8 is not going to win many drag races at the strip it is more then capable of pressing you into your seat as you accelerate from the lights.  The greatest weakness the Rx8 has is its fuel economy which around town will be anything from 12-18mpg and Highway is 16-26mpg depending on speed.   Overall the Mazda Rx8 is a very comfortable car and is as good on the streets as it is at the track.

Autocrossing my Mazda Rx8

Autocross class champion 2011After buying my 2007 Mazda Rx8 just over two years ago I was frustrated with the fact that I had bought a cool sports car and really didn’t get the opportunity to enjoy what it could do.  I decided to do some research and find cheap way to get into racing, that’s was when I found out about the world of Autocross.  I drove down to Ft Myers to race with the Gulf Coast Autocrosser and had an amazing time.  Since then I have been going to every event I can make which is usually 8 or 9 of there 10 events each year.  At the end of the first full season I won the Novice class (you can see the trophy in this Pic) since I started I have spent money to improve the car and have had lots of practice and now I am a strong competitor and have already won 4 trophies on 2012.  The Mazda Rx8 is an amazing car to autocross it is perfectly balanced and is so easy to drive close to the limit.

Final note

My goal is to post regularly about my Mazda Rx8 covering what modifications I have done to it, what maintenance, DIY’s to help show you how to install parts on your own in your garage or on the driveway.  I do virtually all the work on my own and once you have the right tools it is reasonably easy.  Then share the joys and successes that I have when I am out racing my Mazda Rx8.  Hope you visit the Mazdarx8.org website again some time soon.

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