Jan 122013


Buying the Rx8

After gaining permanent residency in America I purchased my Mazda Rx8 and very quickly found that at there we very few enjoyable roads in and around Sarasota. Not wanting to waste a nice sporty car I looked into cheap ways to legally race my car, I discovered Autocross

Autocross overview

Autocross is an individual time trial event where each driver takes it in turns to race around a cone course as fast as they can.  The cars are broken up intro Autocross PAX classes which is like a handicap in golf, based on car an modifications. Autocross is usually located on an old airstrip or in a large parking lot. It costs $20-$45 which includes plenty of driving, instruction where needed and lunch. After going to the first event I was hooked and have been going at least once a month since.

Modifying my Mazda Rx8

Since starting I have modified my car to make it faster and staying withing the SCCA Autocross Car Class Rules, I do all the work myself learning what to change how to change it and tuning the set up a car to make it as fast as possible.  Over time my driving has improved as has the Rx8.  I am at the point where I am one of the fastest drivers at each event and my car is relatively competitive especially considering it is a daily driver and also instruct at the Gulf Coast Autocrossers novice school which I really enjoy.

Autocross Trophies

2012 Autocross Trophies

Autocross Trophies

2012 has been a great year for me Autocrossing, I have made lots of new friends all over Florida while racing in Orlando, St Petes, Zephyrhills, Sarasota, Ft Myers and Florida Keys I have won about 10 trophies from various events, including the also given the cone killer award for 2012 out of about 300 drivers I hit the most cones, the year long STX class champion in Ft Myers with Gulf Coast Autocrossers and the yearlong open class (non-Porsche) champion with the Porsche club.

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