Feb 232013

I have disassembled the rear sub frame and cleaned all the parts parts. They still need a little more work but they clean up surprisingly quickly and look great considering they are over 20 years old. My next goal is to assemble the rear end. I have given my buddy the roll cage to bend for me but it will not be ready till next week.

This is a mock up view of what I am planning to do. I am going to use as most of the original suspension components as they are well made and quite light. Toyota also did a pretty good job with the Supra so I can see some advantages.
Suspension mock up
The only thing I will not use is the lower bar, it is not in the photo but you can see the mounting point on the bottom of the upright below. Is the suspension going to work correctly if I do not use it? My plan is to not include the bar and in future I will grind off the mounting point. I cannot use that bar as it is very long and would go forward into the passenger area. To mount the suspension I am going to attempt to use the mounting points off the sub frame by cutting them off and welding them to my frame. This will allow me to have the stock camber and toe adjustment.

Right rear suspension open
Here is the LSD and it has cleaned up nicely.

Toyota Supra LSD

Here are the cleaned brake disks and front uprights Box of clean brakes and wheel hubs

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