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MazdaRx8.org is proud to offer our featured cars section, this is your opportunity to show everyone what you drive, what modifications you have done, any special events completed and much more.

How to add your car to the list of featured cars.

If you would like to add your ride to the featured cars section them please write an article about your car.  Talk about what ever you want, such as what you love about your car: what features it has: what modifications you have done, where you bought them from and how they improved you car; is there something special about your car.  Discuss what you do with your car, do you race it at the drag strip, autocross or race track.

Please include photos and/or videos of you car.  If you would like to include a link or two feel free such as a garage that helps you out, your social media profile, your favorite forum or your own website.

Once you have written your article please send it to paul@wrightcomputing.com once featured you will receive an email with the link to your page.  Then feel free to share with you family and friends.



Disclaimer: Please make sure all information is appropriate and correct, we reserve the right to make any changes to your article such as grammar, spelling etc and may also monetize the content.