Mazda Rx8 Clutch Adjustment


DIY Mazda Rx8 Clutch Adjustment

The Mazda Rx8 Clutch like all clutches are a wear and tear part that are designed to be replaced periodically to keep the car functioning correctly.  My Mazda Rx8 Clutch lasted about 55,ooo miles but depending on driving style and the amount of town driving versus highway driving will vary how long you clutch lasts.  As the Mazda Rx8 Clutch gets older it will start to wear down and become smaller this will mean that the bite point on the clutch will become higher.  This Mazda Rx8 Clutch adjustment DIY will show you how you can quickly adjust your clutch in under 30 minutes including a test drive or two, to make sure your bite point is in the correct position.

Prepare for the Mazda Rx8 Clutch Adjustment

Before you start adjusting the clutch you need to make sure that you have the right tools.

Mazda Rx8 Clutch Adjustment

Clutch pedal Assembly showing Mazda Rx8 Clutch adjustment screw

All you need for this is:

The adjustment is done from the driver foot well so make sure you have enough room beside your Mazda Rx8 to have the door fully open.

The easiest way to get access is to move the seat all the way back and then just lay in the foot well as best you can it is not comfortable or graceful but it only takes a couple of minutes so you wont be there long.

 Mazda Rx8 Clutch adjustment

Rx8 Clutch Adjustment screwOnce you manage to get comfortable shine your flashlight and look at the top of the clutch pedal you should be able to see the adjustment screw that you can see in the photo on the left.

Loosen the locking nut using you adjustable spanner it might be a little stiff but should slacken off easily enough.

Them turn the adjustment screw, clockwise will raise the bite point of the clutch (if your adjusting for a new clutch) and anti-clockwise will lower the bite point of you clutch (if you are adjusting for a worn clutch).

Look at the thread indicated in the picture, this will give you a good point of reference when adjusting the Mazda rx8 clutch.  You only need to make small adjustments I recommend one full turn, then tighten the locking nut and take the car for a drive.

When you are driving make sure the bite point is between 1/4 to a 1/3 of the way to the floor.  It may feel a little strange at first but you will get used to it.

After your drive readjust if necessary then drive again and repeat until you have the ideal clutch position.  Once completed make sure the locking nut is fully tightened and you are good to go.

Thank you for reading, hopefully you have found this Mazda Rx8 Clutch adjustment DIY useful, if you want more information please read once of my latest Mazda Rx8 posts.