Mazda Rx8 Fuel Economy


Mazda Rx8 Fuel Economy

Mazda rx8 Fuel EconomyEverybody wants to know about Mazda Rx8s fuel consumption and how to improve the fuel efficiency.  The Mazda Rx8 fuel economy which is often regarded as the only negative aspect of the otherwise fantastically designed Mazda Rx8. Considering how light and agile the car is the expectation would be that the car should get in the 20-30 mpg range.  However before you go out and buy a hybrid there are a few things you can do to improve the Mazda Rx8 fuel economy.

Mazda Rx8 fuel economy reports

Here you can see what Mazda say the Rx8 fuel economy is and then what I actually get out of my car. Then what my Mazda Rx8 fuel economy is in for various types of driving. All my Mazda Rx8 fuel economy results are take using my Cobb Access Port which gives you and average fuel consumption over a journey, as well as many more features.

Official Mazda Rx8 Fuel Consumption

Mazda Rx8 MPG in the City = 16

Mazda Rx8 MPG on the Highway = 22

Mazda Rx8 combined MPG = 18

Real life Mazda Rx8 fuel economy

These test were completed using the Cobb Access port which I regularly use it to give me accurate real time updates about my Mazda Rx8 fuel economy.  Your car should be very similar to these results.

Mazda Rx8 MPG in the city = 13-18

Daily commute to work is about 6 miles. Depending on the number of traffic lights and how hard I accelerate the numbers can vary from 13 mpg it I drive fast and stop at a lot of lights. Then if I take it easy and don’t hit many lights I can get up to 18 mpg. I have managed to get 27mpg when driving at about 40-50 mph with very few stop lights

Mazda Rx8 MPG on the Highway = 17-20

The Mazda rx8 fuel economy on the highway correlates directly to speed. The slower you drive the higher the MPG. Driving at normal highway speeds in a 70mph zone will give me a fuel economy of 17-18 mpg. When driving in a 60-65 mph zone the fuel economy will quickly rise to 19-20mpg.

Mazda Rx8 combined MPG = 16-17

The Mazda Rx8 gas tank is a 60 liter tank or 15.9 gallons and the fuel light illuminates when there are 10 liters or 2.6 gallons of fuel remaining. To calculate your fuel consumption each time you fill the tank.

Improve Mazda Rx8 fuel consumption with modifications

It is quite difficult to improve the Mazda Rx8 fuel economy because the car was very well designed and most after market parts don’t make a huge difference. However here are some of the best ways to increase the fuel consumption.

Getting a performance Sports exhaust can reduce the cars weight by up to 30lbs giving the same savings as the battery but also helps gain “Free HP” (Gaining power without any tradeoffs) which will increase the Mazda Rx8 engine efficiency by increasing airflow, which improves HP and fuel economy.

Installing a K&N Panel Air Filter is a cheap way to gain a little bit of power again “Free HP” and also improve the fuel efficiency.  The drop in filter is about $40 and is always one of the first things I have bough for all my cars.  Just clean it each time you do an oil change and your good to go.

An Odyssey Light weight Battery is a great way to cheaply shave 30lbs from the Mazda Rx8 total curb weight. Reducing the cars weight does not make the engine any more efficient however the cars total weight is around 3,000lb so reducing the total weight by 30lbs is a 1% reduction.  Which will yield about a 1% increase in the fuel economy.  It is also work cleaning out everything that you don’t need from the car, if you have 100lb of junk in the trunk you are carrying a lot of excess weight that you can save for free.

Enkei RPF1 Wheels are one of the lightest wheel you can buy for your car and are very reasonably priced.  Enkei make the wheels for the McLaren Mercedes F1 team and use that technology to create these wheels for your Mazda Rx8.  Here is a quote from their site “Every pound of unsprung weight savings has the effect of reducing overall vehicle weight by 20lbs” These wheels are in the 15-18lb range that’s 5-8lbs lighter than stock, each!  This giving a massive unsprung weight loss on the car allowing the car to accelerate faster and also improve the Mazda Rx8 fuel economy.

The Cobb Access Portis a tuning device that allows you to get real time readings from your Mazda Rx8 and also allows you to take logs whilst driving to analyze them later.  With the Cobb software you can modify your engine maps to increase power, fuel economy and change many engine settings.  Loading the default stage 1 map you can expect to increase your Mazda Rx8 fuel economy by about 5% or 1mpg.

Increase Mazda Rx8 MPG though good driving habits

The best way to improve you MPG is also the cheapest quite simply by changing the way you drive.  After purchasing the Cobb Access Port and driving getting constant MPG reading it because very apparent that I could greatly increase my Mazda Rx8 fuel efficiency by changing the way I drive.  You can do the same by following these simple rules.

  • Drive in a higher gear – The higher the gear you drive in the better the Mazda Rx8 fuel economy will be so when you are coasting in traffic put the car in 6th gear.  It will comfortably drive in 6th as low as 30 mph so use it then if you need to accelerate just drop it back to 3rd of 4th and your good to go.
  • Accelerate gradually – If you do a strong pull from the lights with you foot to the floor and getting close to the redline the Mazda Rx8’s fuel efficiency will drop to about 2 or 3 mpg.  Just partially open the throttle and keep it below 4k RPM and the fuel efficiency will stay around 6-8 MPG.
  • Drive slower on the highway – When you are cruising on the highway the Mazda Rx8 fuel economy is directly related to the speed that you travel.  The slower the better at 70mph the Mazda Rx8 is around 19-20mpg, at 60 it goes up to about 23mpg however if you increase the speed to 80 it will drop to about 16-17mpg (obviously tested on a close course).  Going even slower around 40-50mph in 6th gear you can manage to get about 28mpg.

Hopefully after reading this you will be able to take a few less trips to the gas station by improving your Mazda Rx8 fuel economy.

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