Mazda Rx8 Overview


Mazda Rx8 Overview

The Mazda RX-8 was created to replace the RX7 and was available to buy in the United States from 2004. This 4 door sports coupe was the first MAZDASPEED model made available in the US, though the model did not carry thew Mazdaspeed brand name it was based on this high performance platform. The Mazda Rx8 a unique coupe was agile, cleverly designed and uniquely equipped.

Mazda Rx8 Overview, Mazda is a name recognized and associated with high quality performance sports cars with out breaking the bank. The Mazda RX8 did not falter from this relatively impeccable reputation, it moved gracefully forward with revolutionary electric assist steering system, accurate awe inspiring  crisp steering and shifting mechanisms  with an outstanding braking system and the biggest brake disks installed on any production Mazda. The handling and suspension were superior creating a very agile car that was quick to respond. Front and rear spoilers, side skirts and 18″ lightweight wheels contributed to its handsome good looks and revolutionary design.

When the RX8 was released in 2004 it also marked the return of the rotary engine, which operates with rotors as opposed to pistons to distribute power in a smooth and fairly undetectable flow toward lightweight, compact high performance based engines. Mazda unsuccessful attempted to popularize rotary engines several years ago, the primary concerns expressed at that time were addressed in the now very emissions compliant 2004 version. The 1.3 liter, 250 horsepower rotary engine delivered better performance. Mazda continues be the only automobile manufacturer to invest in the potential of the rotary engine, as no other manufacturers to date have chosen to move in this direction.  If the rotary was used by many manufacturers the fuel economy would increase and so would the power.  With better design and strong competition the Rotary engine could easily surpass 300HP and 40 MPG with a naturally aspirated engine.

The rear entry and exits points on this appealing ride are very clever in design.  Though from a distance you could never tell, this coupe has four doors – 2 front and 2 smaller in the rear-and accommodates four adults. Its compact size does not extend more than the minimum amount of comfort to rear seat passengers, but the seat is truly a usable back seat with a door on each side for easy access to the rear from either the right or left hand sides of the car.  The doors themselves are virtually hidden from sight by the RX8’s intelligent body style which seamlessly integrates the rear doors into the streamlined design. To open or close the rear doors the front doors must be opened first which eliminates any apparent rear door handles on the exterior of the car.

The RX8 handled superbly and delivered a smooth and quiet ride-the kind of ride typically associated with luxury sedans. Trim styles, features and option packages were appropriately enhanced for the 2006 and 2007 model years. The Mazda RX8 entered the 2007 model year with new trim styles. 2007 models are now represented by the Sport, Touring and Grand Touring model names. Other than trims, the 2007 RX8 is not very dissimilar to its model year predecessor. Passionate drivers who desire a slight hint of genuine practicality combined with a comfortable ride and sports car performance will surely be more than satisfied with the Mazda RX8.