SCCA Autocross Car class Rules


SCCA Autocross Car Class Rules

Deciding which class you want to run in is an important part of autocrossing as is knowing the rules.  This page has a link to all the rules so if you have already performed modifications to your car you know which class to run in and if you want to run in a certain class you know which modifications you can buy to be competitive, and stay within the SCCA Autocross car class rules.

Official 2012 SCCA rule book broken up into bite size chunks to allow you to get the information you need to set up your car legally for Autocross, below each of the links will provide the SCCA rules for each car class, where you can preview or download.

2012 Stock class rules – The stock class is the easiest class to set up you car to be competitive in.  Typically the Stock class allows DOT approved race tires, shocks, a front sway bar & cat back exhaust.

2012 Street Touring Rules – The street touring classes are probably the most popular class, street tires are required meaning you can drive the the event on the same tires that you race with.  Allowances include coilover suspension, front and rear sway bars, wider wheels, a engine tune (no boost increase for forced induction cars) a few other lightweight options and handling upgrades.

2012 Street Prepared Rules – The street prepared classes allow the DOT approved race tires and the allowances of Street touring with a few other upgrades allowed such as a cat-less exhaust system, some aerodynamic allowances and other miscellaneous upgrades.

2012 Street Modified rules – The street Modified classes allow well prepared cars that are street legal, upgrades include engine swap from the original manufacturer or the application of forced induction, lots of weight reduction options and power mods.

2012 Prepared Class Rules – The prepared classes are for street cars that are extremely modified and are no longer street legal allowing the removal of part like headlights and interior to get an extremely light vehicle with lots of power.

2012 Modified Class Rules – The modified classes are aim mainly at cars that were never intended to be driven on the street and are purpose build race cars including Formular cars, buggies and kit cars

2012 Kart rules – If you with to race a Go-Kart then these are the rules that must be adhered too, it is very popular with dad’s who want there children to start racing early with the Junior Karts as they can start racing as young as 5 years old all other classes require a drivers license.

There are also the RT classes which are basically the stock classes with street tires these are becoming quite popular as very little preparation  is required to be competitive.  The competition can be very stiff as everyone runs with the stock class PAX on street tires. Meaning you will be competing with almost any type of car.

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