Dec 282012

Building a car

Well I have decided to start building my own car, it will be based on the Locost design (Lotus 7, Caterham, westfield etc) using lots of parts from a Miata and hopefully a more powerful engine from another car such as an S2000 but I will have too see what I can find.

First step is to build a table to make working on the car easier.

Building a race car

Build table

This is my step Dad helping me build the table.  It is two pieces of 8′-4′ ply wood the top layer is 3/4″ thick and the bottom layer 1/2″.  Then between the layers there are 4 pieces of 3″ x 2″ beams to help keep the table rigid.  The legs are 4″ x 4″ with lockable caster  wheels on the bottom so I can roll the car into the corner of the garage when I am not working on the car.

Purchasing the right tools

I already have a lot of automotive  and power tools but I went out and purchased a few to help with the build here is the list so far.

DEWALT 12-Inch Compound Miter saw

DEWALT 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder

Buying the materials

I purchased all the wood for the table locally at the hardware store

I bought 6 x 24′ lengths of 1″ Square steel tubing for the frame.  I had the steel suppliers cut the lengths in half so they would fit in my wife’s mini van.

Building the frame

Building a race car

Start of the space frame chassis

I have started to cut all the steel to length and lay it out as it will be when the frame is built.  Currently I have not purchased a welded so I have paused until I get it and start assembling the frame.


I will post back soon when I have purchased a welder and got more of the car completed.